On Thursday the 27th and Friday the 28th the conference was held at the Grand New Hotel with 140 attending the morning session and 200 attending the evening cultural and social activities.
Past District Governors Izi Lunshtein, Selim Jubran, Gidi Piper, Victor Ben Naim Governor elect for 97/98 Grizim Aharon,and for 98/99 Yoram Cohen all were present during all the sessions.
Yoram Cohen opened the conference followed by Judge Khalil Abboud as the president of the host club welcomed all present.
Member of Knesset Yossi Beilin talked about Vision for Peace for the year 2000
After half an hour of intermission a panel directed by the Governor Ben Naim joined by Zeidan Atshe and Yacov Frucht both from the Governors committee for better understanding between Arabs and Jews was held about Rotary and its share in the program concerning this subject.

In the evening session Mayor of Nazareth Ramez Jeraysi welcomed in the name of the municipality all the guests.
Professor Majed El Haj gave a very interesting talk about Relation between Jews and Arabs and its future effects on peace in the Middle East.
The final items in the conference were the rich festive dinner with the background of oriental music and finally the Palestinian Dress Show Parade that was enjoyed by all present.
Yoram Cohen thanked the Nazareth Club in the person of the President Judge Khalil Abboud and all those who shared in making this conference a great success.ٍ





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