On the 13th of March 1968 a Business Meeting was held in which the following items were discussed:
1) A letter received from the Governor in which he wrote about the message spread by the Rotary Club of Amman accusing Rotary Israel of politicizing Rotary for its interests.
2) A letter of thanks received from the Salvatorian Sisters for the donation of 1500.- liras to their project.
3) A Lebanese Rotarian was elected to serve on the Board of Directors of Rotary International.
4) PP. Emile Nuseir gave a report on his meeting the president of the Society for the Deaf and Dumb in Israel and what help and funds could Rotary give for that project in Nazareth.
5) The problem of members not attending the meetings was discussed and several suggestions were given to better the attendance.
6) The date for the Flower Show was set to be on the fifth of May 1968. The program will include: A Fashion Show, Folklore Dancing from the girls of the Salvatorian Sisters School, a lottery, games for the children, and a rich buffet.

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