On Tuesday the 27th of September 1994, the club of Nazareth held a special meeting to honor the memory of Mayor Toufic Zayyad who died earlier as a result of a tragic car accident.
The special meeting was attended by the Vice Mayor Ramez Geraysi and his wife Hanan, Mrs. Naela Zayyad and several members of the staff of the Municipality of Nazareth.
Several speakers talked about the deceased Mayor among them PP. Suheil Geraysi, Ramez Geeraysi, Dr. Habib Bouolos and finally his wife Naela who talked about her late husband and his interest and respect to all the different cultural and social institutions in the town. At the end Mrs. Naela thanked Rotary for dedicating a meeting to the memory of her late husband, Mayor Toufic Zayyad.




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