In 1961/62 Anis Srouji was president of the club.
In 1956 The Crippled Children Society was established, Anis was elected as its secretary and continued in that position for several years.. He became president of the Society later and together with PP. Fawzi Banda of the Haifa Club arranged for a nurse (Mrs. Yaffi) to come once a week and help the crippled children with physiotherapy to better their physical abilities.
PP. Jeries Khoury, passed away during one of the Rotary Club meetings at the Galilee Hotel while Advocate Wynchel of Haifa was trying to answer some questions about his talk concerning the fall of Haifa in 1948.


In December 1961 the traditional Christmas Party took place at the Galilee Hotel in Nazareth with Rotarians from Nazareth and Haifa attending. President Anis welcomed members and guests followed by a program of singing Christmas carols, reading the message of Christmas and a rich dinner was served by Galilee Hote.


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