In 1971/72 George Simaan was president of the club. In the summer of 1972 George was elected to accompany a group of Israeli professionals toNew Jersey as the leader of a Group Study
Exchange (George was the first and the last member, so far, from Nazareth to accompany a GSE group as a leader).
During this year Nazareth Club celebrated its 20th Anniversary and in the special meeting for that purpose, a pamphlet was distributed sponsored by Assinara owner Mr. Lutfi Mashour in which articles and photos about Rotary past twenty years were included.

* Installed three water fountains in three different places in town for the sake of tourists and visitors in town.

*This year a donaton of I.L. 5000.00 was given by the heirs of the late town Mayor Mr.Yusef Fahoum to start a library in his name. However with the advise of PP Habib Boulos the money
was earmarked to buy an artificial kidney to which the Rotrary District added more funds and as a result two artificial kidneys were donated to the Emek Hospital in memory of the late Mayor Yusef Fahoum.
* Funds were collected to furnish and buy equipment for the Sports Room in the Salisian School in Nazareth

* President George was the first Israeli Rotarian to get the Paul Harris Medal. The medal was given to him by District Governor Rivlin in a Rotary Meeting held at the new Nazareth Hotel.







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