On the 4th of June 1992 the Ladies Night took place at the Grand New Hotel. The speaker was PP Yusef Srouji and his subject was 40 years of Rotary in Nazareth.
The meeting was in honor of the GSE Group from London England.
PP Emile Nuseir read from the Bilbe.
PP Iskandar Qandalaft proposed the International Toast.
PP Elie Nakhle proposed the Ladies Toast.
R\Ann Sahar Jarjoura responded.
PP Yusef Srouji talked about the history of the club during the last forty years, then for the sake of the guests talked about the history of Nazareth.
Members of the GSE group talked about themselves, their work and their families then exchanged flags with the president and thanked their hosts and all the members of the Nazareth Club.

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