On Monday the 1st of April 1996 the meeting of the club was in memory of Dr. Konnitzer (El Namsawi). His daughter Eva was visiting Nazareth after an absence of many years. The President and the Board of Directors took the opportunity to honor the memory of Dr. Konnitzer by having a special meeting taking the opportunity of the presence of his daughter Eva in town. Several classmates of Eva were invited including Mona Srouji Jarjoura and her husband Judge Rayek Jarjoura, Nadia Mazzawi and her husband Abdu Mazzawi, Mary Shomar Mansour and her husband George Mansour, Dr. Shehad Haj and his wife Siham, Dr. Bernat and his wife. PP Yusef Srouji opened the meeting mentioning the service Dr. Konnitzer gave to the people of Nazareth for more than twenty years. Eva Konnitzer talked about her father and her family and specially about the last days of Dr. Konnitzer.

Judge Rayek Jarjoura told the audience that in 1978 he helped in promoting a decision in the Municipality to give honorary citizenship of Nazareth to Dr. Konnitzer but due to his absence and difficulty of coming to Nazareth the order remained in the files of the Municipality.
Now taking the opportunity of Eva`s presence in Nazareth, the Mayer of Nazareth had invited her and the Honorary Citizenship to Dr. Konnitzer was given to her (after his death).
Finally Dr. Abdulla Jammalia, neighbor and friend of the doctors family talked what he remembers about the doctor and his family. PP. Emile Nuseir mentioned about Dr. Konnitzer work and his deeds in helping the people of Nazareth and the villages around.



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