On the 16th of September, P. Yusef Srouji sent a letter to the Director of the Education Ministry in Nazareth, Mr. Raef Zo`bi offering to encourage and help in organizing sports competition between the students of all elementary schools and the students of the High Schools. The project was to draw students out from the streets (after school) and encourage the love of sports among them. Mr. Raef Zo’bi agreed to the project and sent letters to 13 school principals in town to discuss the project. The meeting took place on the 6th of December 1963 at the hall of the New Cultural Center. Mr. Raef Zo’bi read president Yusef Srouji’s letter to him and unanimously all agreed to the project. However there were some problems facing the committee, one of them the lack of sports fields in town and second the lack of funds from the Ministry of Education. In spite of that the Terra Sancta School applied the project and the club supported them in financing some of the needs.

Since the beginning of the Rotary year, P. Yusef Srouji had been trying to persuade Governor Eliezer Malhi to convene a District Conference here in Nazareth. After several trials, the Governor agreed after checking logistics.


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