On Friday the 4th of July 2014, Nazareth club held it festive dinner meeting at Abu Maher Gallery Hall, where Rotary and Inner wheel changed committee members announcing the names of the new Board. In Rotary, President Albert Zaher will be serving another year as president while PP. Walid Gerysi will replace PP. Bsshir Nusair as secretary and R. Suhail Banna will replace R. Azmi Elias as Treasurer of the club for the Rotary Year 2014\2015.

Inner wheel Mrs. Leila Kawar will replace Randa Nsuair as President while Mrs. Maha Haddad will serve as secretary and Mrs. Mnawwar Khalaileh as Treasurer of the club for the year 2014\2015. Rotary and Inner Wheel pins were exchanged and bouquets of Flowers given to the ladies who served during the last year 2013/2014.

Mrs. Randa Nusair, President of the Innerwheel club described briefly the activities and events of the year at the end of which she thanked her committee members for the help that had given her during the year.
President Albert Zaher also gave a short report about the activities of the club during the last year and as he will be serving another year as president of the club relayed about some of his plans for the coming year.

Governor Shaul D’Angeli spoke about the good standing of the Nazareth club, thanked the old team that worked with President Albert and wished the new team good luck and good activities during the coming year.

At the end of the meeting PDG Yusef Srouji showed a DVD of an old movie 8mm film that was taken exactly 50 years ago during an Inter Club meeting that took place in Nazareth where the guests of honor were RI President Charles Pettingel and his wife who were visiting Israel. There were more that 180 members and guests including government officials, Governor of Rotary Yacov Grauman, the Vice Mayor of Nazareth Mr. Nadim Bathish and many members from the Nazareth and all the clubs of Israel. The film showed included a musical event by the Family Band of Salim Azzam and all his children including our PP. Dr. Halim Azzam who was on the drums at the age of seven.

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