On Tuesday the 22nd of May 2018, members of the club and their friends together with several notables from the town and a number of clergy men and sisters from several Religious orders attended a Rotary Reception in honor of His Excellency Bishop Marcuzzo.
The meeting started with the usual Rotary Items, wisdom of the day was given by PP. Dr. Halim Azzam, then PP. Salem Abu Salem gave the International Toast followed by P. Souheil Banna who gave a short resume of the acivities of Bishop Marcuzzo in Nazareth and Galilee. Patriach Michel Sabbah also talked about the religious and social aspects of Bishop Marcuzzo activities in the area. Rev. Father Hanna Kildani related some of his experiences with the honored Bishop and Dr. Nakhle Bishara gave a short CV on the life of Bishop Marcuzzo. PDG, Yusef Srouji spoke about the Paul Haris Medal that since 1947 began to honor men and women in the world who serve Humanity in different ways and mentioned that Bishop Marcuzzo deserved this Award for his 25 years in Nazareth serving others and working for peace among the people in the area. Yusef called on PP Salem to accompany Bishop Marcuzzo to the Podium and together with President Souheil honored the Bishop with the Paul Haris Medal.
Bishop Marcuzzo gave a short speech in which he thanked the Rotary Club of Nazareth for the Award and wished the club continued success.





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