This week The Rotary Club of Nazareth in partnership with Rotary Club of Paris and The Rotary Foundation donated to the French Hospital in Nazareth necessary equipment for the operating room worth $78000.-

A large group of members from the Nazareth Club headed by Dr. Awni Elias, president of the club, to the French Hospital to celebrate with the hospital staff a Rotary donation of 78,000 US dollars. Dr. Awni Elias in his speech asserted the importance of supporting projects to the benefit of the institutions that are helping the people of Nazareth and its surroundings. Dr. Awni elaborated in praising the positive part that the late Dr. Salim Nakhleh, Past Medical Director of the hospital together with the Past Rotary Israel Governor Yusef Srouji both of whom joined hands in relentless efforts together with their partners from Rotary Paris, Mr. Paul Shneebeli to sponsor this project and bring it to a positive and happy end.

Both, the Administrative Director Mr. Hanna Eilouti and the newly elected Medical Director Dr. Nael Elias praised the Rotary Club of Nazareth for this donation and for the help and support they always give to the hospital and to the other institutions of Nazareth that serve the interests of the people of Nazareth and its surroundings.

PDG Yusef Srouji related the history of the project, how it all began, mentioning the relentless efforts of the late Dr. Salim Nakhleh with the French partners and his continuous care and worry about the various steps of the project during the last six years, but when we reached the happy end, Dr. Salim Nakhleh was not with us anymore.

Financially, this project was made possible through the efforts of both clubs Nazareth and Paris, together with the family of Sister Dorita in Spain, Superior of St. Vincent De Paul Sisters in the hospital. Also not forgetting the District of Paris 1660 and the Rotary Foundation. As such the Rotary Club in partnership with all mentioned above was able to support the French Hospital with new equipment to the operating room bringing it in line with the best available in hospitals in Israel. Here it is worth mentioning that the Nazareth Club had during the last ten years worked hard and earnestly with the Matching and Global Grants supplying equipment and other needs to Medical, Educational, Cultural and Humanitarian Institutions, in partnership with clubs from the USA, Germany, Italy, France and Austria and the Rotary Foundation, equipment and other items worth more than one million five hundred thousand dollars.

We should mention that this activity was made possible through the support and the funds we as Rotary Club get from the advertisements and sponsorship of club events that tens of companies and financial institutions donate generously to our welfare projects.

The club of Nazareth has 46 members from all walks of life and it is one of the 34000 clubs in all the world that have a total membership of one million four hundred thousand members who together work to better the world we are living in by following and applying the motto SSERVICE ABOVE SELF.





















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