In the Rotary Year of 1967/1968 Rot. Habib Boulos was president of theRotary Club of Nazareth.
On Wednesday 5th of July 1967 , During the first meeting of the year President Boulos announced his three projects for the year.
1)Help building a play ground for the children of the Salvatorian Sisters School in Nazareth.
2) Help in financing the swimming pool at the YMCA.
3) Help purchasing some equipment to the Municipal Secondary School in Nazareth.


PP. Farah Dahdah congratulated Rotarian Khalil Abboud for the occasion of
his wedding on the 3rd of July 1967.
Past President Fuad Dagher suggested that all the Files and the minutes of the meetings and all what is the property of the club should be put in a special Cupboard and reserved there as the Archives of the Club.
The members agreed and referred the decision to the Board of Directors to do accordingly.
On Wednesday the 12th of July the speaker in the meeting was Father Nathaniel Shehade who talked about the history of Jerusalem and its importance to the three religions.

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