On the 7th. of July 1993 The club celebrated the change of Presidents at Dorr Hall with Gov. Gadi Sassover and P.D.G Selim Jubran and the Vice Mayor of Nazareth Suheil Diab and the chairman of the Society for the fight against Drugs Mr. Toufic Abu Ahmed attending. Also invited to the special meeting was Archmandrite Emile Shoufani
P. Elias welcomed the guests and the members and their wives, then he conducted a short regular Rotary Meeting with the wisdom of the day by PP Emile Nuseir, International Toast was proposed to Zahrayab Change Of Presidents from Elias Zaher To Eli Nakhleh in India and Nakhila club in Finland.

Vice Mayor Suheil Diab spoke on behalf of the Mayor congratulating the
new President Elie Nakhle and praising the Rotary Club of Nazareth for its activities in the social and cultural fields. PP. Selim Jubran expressed joy for being able to attend these celebrations and wished the new President good luck.
PP. Judge Selim praised Elias Zaher for all his projects and activities that he and the club worked on during the past year.
Gov. Gadi again praised the club for its programs and activities and urged them to continue with their work as they were considered to be among the good clubs of the District.


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