On the 29th of November 1967 the club held a Ladies Night in which the president welcomed all the guests including the speaker for that evening, member of Knesset and Director of the Knesset committee for Security and Foreign Affairs Mr. Elie Cohen.
As Dr. Michel Shammas (A founder and a charter member of the Rotary Club of Nazareth) had concluded his work with the ministry of health in Nazareth and was leaving the town for good, PP. Costandi Touma made a short farewell speech in which he praised PP. Shammas for his hard work in seeing the Nazareth Club established and his continuous efforts to keep the club active and useful to the members and the community.
He wished him good luck wherever he may go and asked him not to forget Nazareth.
In the meeting PP. Emile Nuseir proposed the Ladies Toast and Mrs. Bathish Souad responded. Rot. Baker Abu Kishek gave the wisdom of the day, after which Mr. Nadim Bathish introduced the speaker who talked about the events of the Middle East and its problems, also about the Israeli Arab relations before and after the six days war.
The Mayor of Nazareth Mr.Mousa Kteily thanked the speaker wishing that peace would prevail to the benefit of all.

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