On Monday the 31st. the group visited Kfar Cana and Mount Tabor and in the evening they all met with the host families for a social gathering at the home of PP. Yusef Srouji.
On Tuesday the group gathered at the Hall of the Catholic Action to listen to Rotarian Atalla Mansour talk about Nazareth and its history, then visited the Holy Sights in town. In the evening a Dancing Party was held at the YMCA for the group and their Hosting Families.
On the other hand fifteen boys and girls from Nazareth let on YEO program to Germany, France, Italy, England, Norway, Austria an Portugal among them Maha Sima`n, Michel Zaher, Camelia Khoury (Turani) Haifa Sibani, Antoinette Saba and others.

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