On the 6th of October 1992 the guest speaker at the club was Nabile Azzam. Dr. Nabile Azzam talked in details about his relation with the famous Arab Musician and Singer Mohamad Abdulwahab. Nabile mentioned that he studied Abdulwahhab for 8 years to understand his art and his private and public life. Mohamed Abdulwahab succeeded in changing the pattern of Arabic Music three times and was a pioneer in developing and bringing it to maturity. The speaker considered Abdulwahhab a genius who knew when to make a change in his music and when to publish his songs.
At the end of the meeting PP Yusef Srouji showed an 8 mm film taken when Nabile (at the age of 12) played on the violin in the Azzam Band during the Inter Club Meeting held in Nazareth on the occasion of the visit of RI President Charles Pettingel in 1965 There were many questions and answers during the two hours meeting that was enjoyed by all member and their guests.
President Elias thanked the speaker and gave him the traditional present given to guest speakers.


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