On 4\12\2008 The Rotary Club of Nazareth and in the presence of Dr. Yael Lazaruts distributed to most of the members of Nazareth the Paul Harris Medals that were due to the club from the proceeds of several Matching Grants the Club had succeeded in making during the last three years.

The following members are now Paul Harris Fellows:

Yusef Srouji – Dr. Halim Azzam – Asaad Yunis – George Jubran – Walid Gerasy – Kamal Tannous – Dr. Basel Fahoum – Dr. Nakhle Bishara – Dr. Henry Haddad – Judge Khalil Abboud – Suheil Saba

Jeries Boulos – Dr. Abdulla Jammalieh – Dr. Issam Rizek – Khalil Kardosh – Dr. Adi Jarjoura – Issam Rizek – Hisham Abdulrazek

Suheil Issawi – Bashar Fahoum .


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