On the 25th and 26th of May 2000 the yearly Convention of all the Rotary Clubs in Israel took place for the first time in Nazareth. The convention took place at the newly opened Renaissance Hotel. It was attended by a huge number of members from all the clubs in Israel and the RIP Representative to the Convention PP Alberto Schirald, who gave several speeches about Rotary and its important activities in the world.

Several Donations were given to some institutions and committees such as the Blind Students that were given the cost of a Bus Trip to Gaza, the Society for the development of Social Services and the Youth Camp for Childhood and Peace.

A Matching Grant was made with the Club of Akukland USA to the benefit of Princess Basma Institution for the handicapped in Jerusalem.
The sum of 10,000.- Shekels were given to them for some basic repairs in the property of the Institution.

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