The Governor Yusef Srouji in consultation with president Walid Geraysi and some members of the club decided to have the Yearly 40th. Rotary Convention here in Nazareth. Suheil Saba was appointed as co-chairman of the convention committee together with the late Khulio Lev of Petahtiqva Club.
The place chosen for the convention was the newly opened Renaissance Hotel. The Convention took place on the 25th and 26th of May 2000 and was considered to be one of the successful conventions of Rotary Israel.
Durig the Governor`s Ball Past Presidents Sami Shahim and R/Mouniir Elemy received their Paul Harris Medals. Prof. Albert Schiraldi represented the RI President in the Conference.

The Presidential Table
Prof. Alberto Schiraldi
Governor of Rotary Israel Yusef Srouj giving the yearly Convention in may 2000

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