In 1981/82 Asaad Yunis was president of the club. During this year and for the first time after the peace treaty with Egypt an Egyptian Dance Group was invited to perform in Nazareth for the first time. The proceeds of that event went to the development of cultural activities in schools and institutions in Nazareth.

Members attending christmas Party
* Purchased three special Braille typewriters that were donated to the club of the Blind in Nazareth.
* Purchased equipment for the Children Department in the French Hospital.
* Christmas Party this year was held on the 26th of December 1981 at the YMCA Hall. President Asa`d introduced new items to the usual program A Christmas Cake and a glass of Champagne that were offered to all present towards the end of the party.
For the first time the usual Rotary Ceremonial items were omitted from the program of the party.

During the summer of 1980, 8 boys and girls from Nazareth were sent to Europe among them Sawsan Kardosh, Amal Khamis, Umayma and Enaya Yunis Kamal Hissen And others.


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