In 1982/83 Suheil Saba was president, during this year a holter monitor(to check heart rhythm problems) was donated to the Nazareth hospital at the cost of $6200.00 The monitor was the first to be used in Nazareth hospitals.

* This year the Board of Directors decided to stop giving scholarships to individual students and instead started giving bigger donations to schools and institutions. The club started with a 130,000.- shekels worth of laboratory equipment and other supplies to better sports and cultural activities in the five private schools here in Nazareth.

* To improve and strengthen awareness among the people so as to avoid heart problems, explanatory booklets were printed by the club and distributed among students and people in general.

* During this year a pianist SERGIU (from Rumania) appeared in Nazareth and through the Rotary gave a concert which was attended by the members and many people from Nazareth.
The Pianist before starting to play gave a short speech and here is part of what he said:





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