On the 13th of February 1996 the club of Jerusalem visits the club of Nazareth for the first time since they sponsored the founding of the Nazareth club in 1952.
The guests visited the church of the Annunciation and the old market place then the Italaian Hospitl where Dr. Elias Itshac talked about introducing the nuclear medicine as one department of the hospital with the hope that the Nazareth and Jerusalem club would take part in this project.
In the evening members of the two clubs met for a special evening in which members of both clubs shared in the program.
The international toast went to the club of Cairo being the club that sponsored Jerusalem Club. The main speaker of the evening was Rev Riah Abu El Assal who was also congratulated on being elected as Bishop of the Anglican Church in Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. PP. Yusef Srouji wished him success in his new position.
Also thanked the members of the Jerusalem Club for visiting their son Nazareth though forty three years late.


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