On the 23rd of January 1996 the Rotary Club of Nazareth welcomed Richard F Slager Vice-Pres. of Rotary International. He arrived to Nazareth accompanied by the Governor Avraham Shlezinger and his wife and was met at the entrance to the church of the Annunciation by past presidents and members of the Rotary club of Nazareth. The whole group visited the church and then walked through the old market place to Mary`s well and from there to Fontana Di Maria Restaurant where all had lunch after which the guest and his group left direct to Tel Aviv.
In the evening an Inter Club meeting took place in Tel Aviv which was attended by several members from our club. In that meeting the guest Richard Slager gave Paul Harris Medallion to PP Elie Nakhle and PP Nusrat Nusralla.



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