On the 30th of October 1991 no meeting was held but instead the president and his wife Sahar with several other members of the club and the Shafamr club traveled to Rishon lezion where they were met by members of the club there and all the members together went to visit the City Museum where cold drinks and cake was waiting for them after which they visited the well organized museum showing the development of the town since 1882. Wine was waiting for all the guests when they visited the winery of Carmel Mizrahi that was founded and built by Baron Edmond Di Rothshild. Later the guests visited Witzo where the official Rotary meeting was held. The Mayor of the town talked about the city, its past and future.
All speakers commented about their joy for at the same time the Peace Talks of Madrid was taking place and wished that Real Peace would come soon. After a rich dinner the Nazareth and Shafamr members returned home late in the evening but all were happy and glad that they had made the worthwhile trip that day.

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