On the 15th of August 2006 The club members met at St. Margaret Hostel to honor the memory of Past President Emile Nusair.

PP Asaad Yunis presented the Wisdom of the Day, then President Halim in his short message about PP Emile said that though Emile is not with us any more but we all have memories whether as his students, or his friends in Rotay or his colleagues in school, we shall never forget his love and his spirit of giving to all, friends students and families.

Emile was born on the 20th. of September 1926, studied in the Government Elementary school in Nazareth, then moved to the Al Rashidieh High School in Jerusalem where he was among the best students there. Emile in 1954 joined the Hebrew University where he took Education and Sociology and received his BA Diplome in 1957.

In 1957 he started his teaching career in the Government School in Nazareth, lalter joined the Baptist School as the Director till 1991 after which he remained in the school as an instructor for the Bagrut examinations.

Emile joined the Rotary Club of Nazareth in the late 50s., and in 1966/1967 was president and in 1999/2000 was the secretary of the District helping Governor Yusef Srouji.
PDG Yusef talked about Emile as a Rotarian who worked honestly and seriously in all the jobs he had taken though the long years as

member, club secretary, president and finally as District Secretary.
Mr. Butros Mansour, Director of the Baptist school talked about Emile’s spirit of humbleness and love to all around him and his sincerity and consistency in his work and all through.
Bashir, on behalf of the family thanked rotary and the speakers and mentioned that the philosophy of his late father was to invest in Humans because his belief was that this investment would benefit the society.

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