In 1984/85 Khalil Kardosh was the president who through his brother in the United States arranged for and secured a shipment of Medical equipment (Partially used) that was distributed among the three hospitals in Nazareth. The shipment was priced at $100,000.-.

This year the club received the Governor`s prize for working for and promoting good public relations.

* Rotary club of Nazareth Donated an Electro Cardiograph to the Holy Family Hospital (Italian Hospital) at the cost of 25000.- Shekels.

* In June 1985 during the change of the Directors of the club. A donation of $20000.00 was distributed among the five private schools in Nazareth.

* During the same month several Rotarians from Nazareth attended the Annual Rotary Convention that took place in Herzliya.

President of the club presenting a medical instrument to the Italian hospital.

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