On the 6th of August 1991, A Ladies Night meeting took place and the speaker for the evening was Abuna Elias Shaccour.
The President started the meeting by welcoming the guest speaker , the ladies and the guests.
Wisdom of the day was given by PP Emile Nuseir.
Ladies Toast was proposed by Bishara Elemy.
Response was given by RA/ Sylvia Saba.
Walid Jeraysi introduced the special guest speaker Abuna Elias Shaccoour.
Father Shaccour spoke about the religious, social and political aspects of life in a very interesting way that pleased all those present.

Abuna Elias Shaccour addressing the club At the end of the talk the president gave the guest speaker the traditional present of the club in gratitude for his visit and his interesting talk on an interesting subject.


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