On the 10th of September 1991 an interclub meeting with the club of Shafamr took place in the Hall of the Municipality in Shafamr.
Dr. Mahmoud Abbasi opened the meeting by welcoming the guests. speaker Judge Khalil Abboud and all the members of the Nazareth club.
Emile Nuseir gave the wisdom of the day.
Elias Zaher proposed the International Toast.
Sylvia Saba gave the response, a toast for the men.
Dr.Atef Abboud from the R.C of Shafamr gave the International Toast to Bursa in Turkey.
Dr. Yusef Awwadia introduced the speaker Judge Khalil Abboud who related in vivid description his recent visit to England where he was hosted by the Foreign and Justice Ministries of Britain He met many political an Judicial personalities in London and its suburbs.
A video film showing most of the places Judge Abboud had visited was screened and enjoyed by all present.

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