On Tuesday the 26th. Of April members of the Rotary Club of Nazareth paid a friendly acquaintance visit to the members of the Nazareth Business Incubator Centre in their offices in Nazareth to learn about their aims and the methods of their work in supporting the young business high technology startups in Nazareth and among the Arab population in Israel.

The major aim is to help them develop their initiatives from the stage of Ideas to Final Products.

Dr. Awni Elias, President of the club thanked Mr. Fadi Sweidan, director of the company for hosting members of the club in the center and stressed on the good relations between Rotary and the business community and specially with members of their center for their supporting the young business enterprises in developing original ideas to actual projects and selling them in the country and the world.

Mr. Fadi Sweidan elaborated in his talk about the importance and benefits from such centers to the Arab communities in developing ideas of bright young men to actual high technical projects.

Mr. Jamile Mazzawi, founder of OPTIMA Company, who started his private business in the above center, had developed products concerning the Self Drive Cars and it is being used by car producers in the world.

Mr. Rami Khawli founder of another company MINDOLIFE developed products concerning Quick Intelligent Home that are easily and at a low price enter every house. His company will soon introduce his products in the markets.

At the end of the visit Dr. Awni thanked the Director of the Center Mr. Fadi Sweidan gave him a token present and wished all the speakers brilliant successes in their projects.






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