On Saturday evening the 14th. of May members of the Rotary club of Nazareth and their wives celebrated a special occasion, the 90th Birthday, the 58th Wedding Anniversary and 63 years of membership in the Rotary Club of Nazareth. Yusef Srouji joined the Club in December of 1953 and since then as a young man started his active membership with fighting the Polio Epidemic that started attacking young children in the years of the fifties, with the fight against the road accidents, with the active encouragement of young boys and girls to join the Youth Exchanges and the building of the Rotary Nazareth Website and its activities since its establishment . Yusef had an important and active role in keeping the club activities alive and strong all through the past years.
Yusef as a result of his past enthusiasm to rotary in his club and the district was elected as Governor of Rotary Israel for the year 1999 2000 during which he emphasized the connection with Rotary International, attended most of the important international conferences, as a result of which had its very positive effect later on the several Matching Grants and Global Grants he succeeded with, to donate to several Health, Educational and Humanitarian Institution goods, instruments, equipment and supplies worth more than one million five hundred thousand US dollars.
Also during that year and all through his membership emphasized the importance of friendship and good relations between all the members of the district, encouraging the Arab Jewish Understanding Conferences that used to take place regularly in Nazareth and Haifa and other clubs.

Yusef for his active and continuous work in applying the spirit and motto of rotary in his club and the district received several Awards from Past District Governors and recently the highest Award a Rotarian could get from Rotary International ie THE SERVICE ABOVE SELF AWARD.

Eyad Asadi, a young and promising singer and musician played and sang several oriental tunes and songs while the screen ahead showed a film photographed by Yusef about activities of Nazareth club in the fifties and sixties of the last century and photos showing his activities during the last 63 years.

President of the Club Dr. Awni Elias, thanked Yusef in his name and on behalf of all the members of the club on all what he had done working together with all the members of the club as a strong team that had kept high the name of the club as one of the good clubs in the district and sure in the Rotary World.
Finally a token Award of 63 Years of Service to the club was given to Yusef after which all members joined in the singing and dancing through the night.








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