On 2008 Members of the club were invited to the Holy Family Hospital in Nazareth to attend the inauguration of the new Intensive Care Unit to which the club donated 75000 dollars to renovate and buy new instruments for the unit.

Past President Francesco Ferron of the Partner Club in Casalmaggiore Italy and PDG Yusef Srouji, the President of the club Suheil Issawi, PP. Hisham Abdulrazek and PP Kamal Tannous and PP of the Roteract Reem Saba and the Hospital Directors Prior Francis and the Sister Superior James, Dr. Freitsoli the Hospital General Director and Dr. Harbaji, the Medical Director and Jeffry Jada` the Administrative Director and Mrs. Odette Shomar the Public Relation Officer of the Hospital and Dr. Adi Francis the Unit Director attended the Inaugration where Dr. Francis related the importance of renewing the medical appliances used in the unit.


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