On Friday the 9th of November 1996 a group of twenty members of the Rotary Club of Nazareth and their wives paid a return visit to the club of Jerusalem.
The members were met at the YMCA where they were distributed among the Jerusalem members to spend some time in their homes, have dinner with the host families and then returned to the YMCA for the special interclub meeting.
Mrs. Ruth Harris, president of the club, opened the meeting by welcoming all those present. R. Isaac Bar Moshe welcomed the guests in Arabic.
Elie Nakhle read from the New Testament.
P.D.G. Lucien Harris brought the warm greetings of the Governor to both clubs. He suggested that Rotarians should set an example by their cicilized discourse together. Their Watchward should be Text from the < Ethics of the Fathers> Let the honor of your fellow men be as dear to you as your own.
President Abboud said that the club of Nazareth has always all the time sought to develop good relations between Arabs and Jews.
At the end of his talk he presented a Brass Tray to the Jerusalem club as a reminder of our visit to their club.
International Toast was proposed by Shlomo Khayyat in honor of the Nazareth Club. The toast to the ladies was proposed by Dr. Basel Fahoum.
PP Yusef Srouji related some of his experiences in the Rotary Club during the last forty three years.
At the end of the meeting |President Abboud thanked the Jerusalem Club and invited them to the Christmas and New Year Party that would take place on the 28th of December. The meeting was closed with distributing gifts to the members of the Nazareth Club.
The night was spent at the Nativity Hotel in Bet Jala. The next day the members had two well organized tours, one to the building of the Supreme Courts and the other to the El Aqsa Mosque where we visited the Dome of the Rock and the Al Marwani Mosque. After lunch at the National Hotel in Jerusalem the group left back to Nazareth with good memories of the Jerusalem Rotarian Hosts and the visits made there.




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