On the 8th of April 2008 members of the Rotary Club of Nazareth hosted for a Dinner Reception all the persons, company owners and institutions that financially supported the “Yearly Diary” of the club by advertising their businesses on its pages.

President of the Club Hisham Abdelrazek welcomed the guests and members of the club who filled the Hall of St. Margaret Hostel. The president thanked the guests for their generous support and important contribution in the club’s activities and projects.

Past District Governor Yusef Srouji gave a history of how Rotary started in the World and its important contributions and projects, most important of which was the fight against “Children Paralysis” all over the world.

Then he talked about how Rotary started in Nazareth in 1952 and what the Nazareth Rotary Club had done to serve the communities in Nazareth and the area around.

Past President Judge Khalil Abboud talked about Rotary and its build up, its programs and projects.

After the usual Rotary Program in which Dr. Basel Fahoum and Dr. Henry Haddad joined , Certificates of Gratitude and Appreciation were given to all those who supported the Diary and the Club after which all present were invited to have dinner together in the adjoining Hall of the Hostel.


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