On Wednesday 9/7/2008 A special meeting took place at the Gallery Hall of Abu Maher where change of the Presidents took place.

During the special Ladies Dinner Mrs. Goergette Noufi sang some Arabic Folk Songs and at the end of the evening Past President Hisham Abdurazek distributed grants for Educational and Health Institutions.

N`amat school was given 20000 Shekels

English Hospital as given 50000 Shekels

The Holy Family Hospital was given 75000 dollars in a Matching Grant with Casalmaggior for Appliances to the Intensive Care Unit in the Hospital.

Both the outgoing and the incoming presidents gave speeches. President Suheil Issawi announced the names and duties of his Directors, then gave his program for the coming year which includes:

Forming a Society (Amutat) for Rotary Nazareth.

Bring important speakers and lecturers to address the meetings of the club.



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