On Tuesday the 7th of July 2015, Rotary Club of Nazareth celebrateda grand occasion with 120 rotary presidents and members, their wives. Innerwheel president elect Mrs. NahidaJarroush and members and guests headed by the Governor of Rotary Israel Mr. Emile El Asmar and his wife Katerine. The occasion was the change of Presidents from PP Albert Zaher to Awni Elias who will serve the club as president from the 1st. of July 2015 till the end of June 2016.
Past President Albert gave a short report about the activities of the last two years that included distribution of several items to different institutions in town, including the Children Dept. of the French Hospital, the Old Age Home, The Down Centrum Section founded by the Innerwheel Club, St. Anna School in Saffourieh and other activities and projects in town and around.
Dr. Awni Elias thanked Past President Albert for his efforts in giving and in serving the club and the community in Nazareth. P. Awni then talked briefly about his vision of what he plans to do this coming year.

It is known that the rotary Club of Nazareth was established in 1952, it has now 43 members who work sincerely and honestly to promote activities andsupport social and humanitarian projects through its donations and help to medical, educational and humanitarian projects in Nazareth to help the hospitals, old age homes, schools for special cases and others.
Nazareth Club is one of 34000 clubs in the world. It includes members of different professions working together on developing and strengthening their friendship to better serve their communities under the motto “Service Above Self”.












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