On the 9th of May 2015 members of the Rotary Club of Nazareth and their wives travelled to Bethlehem for a visit to the Holy places. There the members of Nazareth Club and Bethlehem Rotary Club had a special meeting together, “dinner event” where the Vice

President of Bethlehem Club Mr Bishara Awad welcomed the guests and wished them a happy and fruitful stay in Bethlehem. At the end of the meeting P. Albert Zaher thanked the host club members for the hospitality and banners were exchanged with an invitation from P. Albert to members of Bethlehem to visit Nazareth.
The next day the 10th. of May, the Nazareth group visited holy places in Jeruslaem and Ein Kerem with the returning member to the club Mr. Elias Khoury guiding in an interesting way explaining about all the places visited.






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