Due to the critical emergency that we all live in due to the coronavirus that threatens all
countries in the world, and out of its responsibility towards society, the Rotary Club of
Nazareth donated necessary medical equipment and supplies to the Corona Treatment Units in
the three Nazareth hospitals with a total value of € 11,000 by submitting 55 protective and
sterile suits against Corona Virus for the EMMS Nazareth Hospital (also known as The
Scottish Hospital); A Monitor with additional respiratory support equipment for the Holy
Family Hospital (Known as The Italian Hospital); Three advanced blood pressure and oxygen
measuring devices for the Corona Therapy Unit at the French Hospital Saint Vincent De Paul.
The club contributed to the recruitment of an additional amount from Rotary Israel equivalent
to € 3000 as additional support to a hospital in Nazareth.

The Rotary of Nazareth has also donated 3000 euros in the global grants project, which Rotary
Israel initiated so as to help Rotary clubs in Italy buy medical devices and equipment to serve
the Italian people in the crises they are going through. This contribution aroused after the
members of the club donated personally to the club, which has had close relations with many
Italian Rotary Clubs over the years.

In this context, the president of the Rotary Club of Nazareth, Mr. Nimr Nasser, expressed his
appreciation for the role of Nazareth hospitals in fighting the Corona epidemic. On behalf of
the members of the club he saluted the medical teams that are working hard to confront the
threat of corona virus, and wished to see the end of this difficult and critical period very soon.
This contribution is a continuation of the club’s approach over a period of 70 years. An
investment in the club’s friends' support so as to provide assistance to private and medical
institutions and community service in facing all risks and challenges, especially in these
critical circumstances.

Rotary of Nazareth joined the call to all citizens to implement the official instructions and
guidelines announced to avoid the spread of the Corona virus.


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