On Tuesday the 20th of November Governor Ouri Tseiger accompanied with his wife Ruth made his official visit to the club of Nazareth.

The Governor was met by President Alaa` and the directors of the club Jeries Boulos, Suheil Saba, Awni Elias and Walid Jeraysi. They went straight to the Municipality to meet the Mayor Eng. Ramez Jeraysi where they gave a short report about the club activities and discussed the cooperation between the municipality and the club in projects to the benefit of the people of the town.


At 4.00 in the afternoon they visited the Nazareth Hospital where Dr. Henry Haddad took them on a tour to the Dialysis Section that was started by a donation from the club of Nazareth, the first four units of artificial kidneys.

The group then was taken to visit the newly opened Operating Rooms of the hospital.


On their way to the Don Guanella Institution for the handicapped children. The

Governor and the group passed by the well known Parking Lot and Garden that was funded by the Rotary Club.

In the school for special teaching, Don Guanella, the group was met by the priests Carlo and Marco with whom they visited some sections of the Institution.


The last station was a visit to the Holy Family Hospital where the Governor and the group were met by the Prior of the Hospital Father Francis and the Sisters and other members of the administration. The group was taken on a round to visit the Intensive Care Unit where with a Matching Grant project together with Milano and Casalmaggiore Clubs in Italy and the Roteract Club of Nazareth donated equipment and instruments worth seventy thousand dollars.

At seven in the evening a meeting of the Board of Directors with the Governor took place where the club talked about the projects done and the waiting projects. Governor Ouri gave them some Rotary information and comments on

the club activities.

At 8.00 in the evening the club had a Ladies Night in honor of the visit of Governor Uri and his wife Ruth . P. Alaa` welcomed both and also all the members attending and their wives.. After the usual Rotary Program of International Toast, the Ladies Toast and the Response, Governor Uri gave his talk in which he encouraged the members to attend conferences to meet members of other clubs and listen to new information about Rotary International and Rotary Israel. Governor Uri also praised the members of the club for the activities they are doing to the benefit of their community.


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