In our regular meeting the evening of Tuesday the 20th. of August 2013, our club hosted Mrs. Donna Baranski from Woodside Portola Valley Club and the Charter President of Heywood Sunset Club Mrs. Sophia Omar.

Both clubs are in California USA District 5150

The two ladies talked about their activities in the REBUILDING ALLIANCE where they presently are occupied with some buildings in “AL-AQABA” village in the Jordan Valley. Their group with some backing from certain American Congress members were enabled to plan and build some houses, a kinder garden and now are planning to build a Birthing Center in the village.

The Birthing Center project is being supported by Rotary Clubs in District 5150, the club of Ramallah and the club of Nazareth.

Mrs. Sophia Omar spoke about her mother country, Afghanistan, while showing photos about the life there before the Russian invasion and how life and habits are today.

P. Albert Zaher thanked the speakers and gave each a pennant of the club to remember their visit to our club in Nazareth.




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