On Wednesday the 24th. of July 2013, the Rotary Club of Nazareth held its traditional Ramadan Ifdtar at the well known “Abu Maher Garden Yard” in Mary’s Well area.

The Iftar was attended by members of the club, their wives and several friends.

Mr. Albert Zaher, President of the club for this year, opened the special event by welcoming all those fasting wishing them a blessed one and a Happy Eid to all.

Mrs. Suha Fahoum, wife of Past President Bashar Fahoum read some of the related verses of the Holy Kora`n, then talked in some details about fasting and its benefits and why the month of Ramadan was chosen for that purpose.

Abu Maher restaurant offered traditional delicious meal for the occasion while Muin Khalilieh played some oriental music on the “Double Flute” Al Mijwez that was enjoyed and appreciated by all those present.


Rotary Ramadan Iftar 2013 C

Rotary Ramadan Iftar 2013 B

Rotary Ramadan Iftar 2012 B

Rotary Ramadan Iftar 2012 A

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