Last week, the DG of the Israeli Rotary Dr. Nachum Frenkel visited the Rotary Club of Nazareth. To celebrate this visit, the club held an impressive evening preceded by a tour in Nazareth.
The tour included a visit to the Latin Church of the Annunciation, where a full explanation of the history of Nazareth and the region was given by Dr. Nakhle Bishara. The second stop was the club’s garden next to Mahmoud Darwish Center. The tour came to an end at the EMMS Nazareth Hospital (also known as The Scottish Hospital) for a meeting with the hospital administration, where the Assistant Director-General of the Hospital, Mr. Waseem Debeni gave a full explanation of the history and activities of the hospital and the joint work between the club and the hospital over several years.

In the evening, a meeting was held for the members of the administration with the DG, during which the heads of committees gave a brief explanation about their programs and activities in the club.
The club members, their wives, members of the Rotaract Club (Rotary in Action), guests of the professions’ committee, the DG and his administration took part in a wonderful evening.
The meeting was opened by the club’s president, Mr. Essam Rashid. He warmly welcomed the attendees and guests and gave a short overview of the club’s activities and programs of the current Rotary year.
DG Dr. Nachum Frenkel, spoke about the activities and programs of the region, the most important of which is the establishment of four Rotaract clubs in addition to several different programs.
During the meeting, the representatives of two very old professions that are destined to disappear were honored with a symbolic gift. Mr. Bassam Musmar from Fakhoura Musmar and Mr. Nayef Matar from Iskandar Matar & Sons for copper.

The club president also invited Firas Fahoum – President of the Rotaract Club and congratulated him on the new position. The club’s pin was presented to Firas and the Rotaract members by the DG.
The meeting was concluded by presenting a festive cake and a Rotary symbol made of wood as a symbolic gift to the DG by the Rotary Club of Nazareth.








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