On the 26th of January 2010 the Rotary Club of Nazareth met as usual in St. Margaret Hostel.
The guest speaker of the evening was Mrs. Doona Baranski who is on a visit to Israel to help in supporting the people of a small village in the Jordan Valley ( Aqaba) build a Birthing Center and the road leading to it from the highway.

Mrs Baranski encountered several problems from the Israel
Aukthorities bu t she explained that she was trying to solve all the problems and have her way in diplomacy and time.

Mrs. Baranski invited members to help and visit the area and though some tried but at the check post were not allowed to the village.

Mrs. Baranski is a Rotary member in the club of Woodside Portiola Valley in California and we are planning to join together in a project through Matching Grant to help build small houses in Oqba village.
On the 27th. of January PDG Yusef Srouji took Mrs. Baranski on a tour of the holy and historical sites in Nazareth.

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