On Tuesday the first of October 2013, Governor D’Angeli visited the club of Nazareth to meet with members of the Board of Directors of Nazareth Club.
The governor’s intention was to receive a report about the activities of the Nazareth club planned for the year 2013/2014 and report to the club directors about projects he planned to work on together with all the District.

Governor D’Angeli requested to visit one of the institutions that we help and support financially and otherwise. He joined some members of the Board and visited the School for special teaching (Abuna Hugo Institution) that is well known in Nazareth and all the country.

In the evening the club gave a Ladies Night Dinner in honor of the Governor’s visit who also gave rotary pins to four new members: Dr Tannous Kurzum, Bassam Kurzum, Ehab Shamshoum and Issam Rashed.
Governor Shaul congratulated the club on its humanitarian, cultural and social activities in the town and congratulated the new members hoping that they will join with the others in promoting the spirit and work of Rotary in Nazareth for the benefit of their community.

Rotary - D'Angeli in Nazareth Oct.13 F

Rotary - D'Angeli in Nazareth Oct.13 E

Rotary - D'Angeli in Nazareth Oct.13 Z

Rotary - D'Angeli in Nazareth Oct.13 Y

Rotary - D'Angeli in Nazareth Oct.13 W

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