On Tuesday the 6th of September last, Rotary club of Nazareth held its regular meeting at St. Margaret Hostel. Mr. Basheer Bishara opened the meeting with the accustomed Rotary ceremony. Nazareth Rotarians and their wives together with some members of the Rotary Club of Nazareth Illit attended the meeting in which Mrs. Ela Elkali` vice president of the IBI Investment Company, a widely known personality in the Financial Markets of Israel, addressed the club members about LONG TERM SAVING FUNDS.

Mrs. Elkali described some of these funds explaining the benefits and some dangers that they may have.
Towards the end of her talk she cited some of the new regulations that are applied now to Pension funds. Mrs Elkali was introduced by Mr. Ihab Shamshom, treasurer of Rotary club of Nazareth.






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