On Tuesday the 8th of November 2016, the Rotary club of Nazareth held its regular weekly meeting at the Nazareth Casa Maria Hotel.
President Bashir Bishara welcomed the speaker lawyer Mrs. Alhan Nahhas-Daoud, the guests and fellow Rotarians and their wives.
After the usual program items of Rotary, PP Suhail Issawi introduced the speaker who talked in details about the cases of sex abuse in business offices, workshops and all kind of places where they have mixed staff of men and women.

Lawyer Mrs. Nahhas-Daoud talked about the strength of the laws enforced to prevent sex abuse especially in these places, even requiring directors and owners of businesses to put WARNINGS in their premises to prevent such incidents.

After the talk, Mr. Nader Elias, a member of Rotary club of Nazareth, thanked the speaker, and then President Bashir offered her a token present from the club, and then invited guests and Rotarians and their wives to dinner at the hotel.










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