On Saturday the 10th of January 2015, the first Fire Side Meeting of the Rotary Club of Nzareth was held at the home of President Albert Zaher where he himself and his wife Bouran welcomed heartily 27 members of the Nazareth Rotary Club

President Albert started the meeting welcoming all his Rotarian guests, then conducted the regular traditional program of the Rotary meeting with Wisdom of the day, the International Toast, and the Rotary News after which all present were invited for a special dinner prepared by the president’s wife Bouran. Members sat in groups discussing Rotary and general subjects while having their dinner.
At the end of the meeting PDG Yusef Srouji thanked the host and his wife for the lovely evening the members had at their home and suggested to the members to have more of such meetings because they strengthen friendship and mutual respect among members of the club.

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Fire side Meeting 1

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